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Throughout the years during my artistic career, I have been fortunate to have received positive attention in the news media. Below is a video of a television interview and excerpts from two newspaper articles. Stay tuned for more as my artwork and I keep making the news!

Television Interviews

Here is a video of a television news interview with Daniel Patrick Murphy from October 2017.


Newspaper Articles

The following excerpts are from an excellent newspaper article by Mike Irwin about Daniel Patrick Murphy:

Early on, Murphy showed his artistic side as a child and began working in clay when he was 12 years old. By age 29, he’d begun to create with stoneware and even sold some of those early pieces to West Coast museums, restaurants and Las Vegas casinos. Locally, his work hangs in a number of restaurants and businesses.

He [Daniel Murphy] added, ‘After all these years, I still feel excited about my work and the effects it can have on people. Through art, I can touch their hearts, you know. I really believe I can touch their hearts.’

Irwin, Mike. “Sculptor Carves New Niche with Biblical Figures.” The Wenatchee World. 13 Nov. 2014. Web. 21 Jan. 2018.

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Here is a second great article by Mike Irwin about Daniel Patrick Murphy and his sculpture.

Read a couple of excerpts from this article below:

Murphy, 63, noted that he posed Moses holding the two tablets on which the commandments are written. ‘They’re shown written in Hebrew,’ said the sculptor, ‘because, in a way, this is a defense of the original Ten Commandments as a powerful gift from God. They may be taken out of government buildings and documents, but they’re still written on our hearts.’

The biblical series is the culmination of Murphy’s 34 years of experimentation with clay’s colors, textures and densities to mimic the swirls and finish of wooden burls and carved stone, his trademark designs. Through the decades, he’s used the technique to make and sell hundreds of artworks, including wall sculptures in his Western All Star Series (John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Ronald Reagan and others in iconic movie roles), animal pieces in his Northwest Nature Series (eagles, orcas, dolphins) and a series depicting the spirituality and pride of Native Americans.

Irwin, Mike. “Local Sculptor Brings Moses down from on High.” The Wenatchee World. 5 June 2015. Web. 23 Jan. 2018.

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These articles and excerpts are reproduced here with written permission. Acknowledgement is made to Mike Irwin and the Wenatchee World for generously allowing their use.

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