About the Artist: Bio and Artist's Statement

Daniel Patrick Murphy, Sculptor

Daniel Patrick Murphy (“Murf”) was born in Ketchikan, Alaska in 1951, and his love for sculpture emerged at the age of 13. At the age of 21, it became his dream and matured to his profession by age 29.

Now residing in Wenatchee, Washington, Daniel’s major venues are Western and Inspirational art and both reflect expressions of spirituality. The inspiration captures the heart and soul which allows his pieces to “come to life.” The pieces are frozen expressions in time, telling an entire story in sculpture.

The press mold technique used by “Murf” is a unique method which allows a powerfully durable sculpture. Looking like wood, marble, granite, or bronze, his pieces are actually stoneware clay. Thirty days or more of drying time are required followed by 17 hours of high temperature kiln time. Every original is destroyed by the process of making the mold with the purpose of a limited edition.

His work has been sold at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, and many 5 star restaurants have purchased or commissioned his sculptures. The Washington Association of Sheriff and Police Chiefs commissioned a bronze sculpture to commemorate law enforcement personnel killed in the line of duty since 1894. It is located in Seattle at the Police Academy. You can also view his work in the Yelm, Washington city park where a commissioned bronze sculpture celebrates their Centennial (see Photo below).

To own a Daniel Patrick Murphy sculpture is to have in your possession a piece that has had individual hands-on dedication and is unique in quality.

For additional information on Daniel Patrick Murphy’s work, please contact us.

Daniel Patrick Murphy shown with some of his sculptures
"Murf" and "Friends"
Daniel Patrick Murphy
Daniel Patrick Murphy
Centennial Monument, Yelm, Washington
Pride of the Prairie, Centennial Monument (bronze), by Daniel Patrick Murphy, City Park, Yelm, Washington
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