Meet Daniel Patrick Murphy, Artist and Sculptor of Faces

Daniel Patrick Murphy with his Fisherman sculpture

Welcome to my site,! I am Daniel Patrick Murphy aka “Murf.” Since I was 13 the human face has been a world of intrigue to me. I am fascinated by human emotions and how we can express ourselves without words by our facial expressions; hence I named my business “Expressions By Murf.”

I must express that which I see and dream and feel…. My website Poem tells why I do what I do. (Read the Poem here.)

Many of my subjects are drawn from Nature, the human face being my primary subject. I enjoy making decorative vases which have also been sold as Urns. Be sure to view my online Galleries and also below on this page to see more examples of my work.

You will notice that my work looks like wood. I used to buy burls but discovered that I can simulate burls by using many colors of Stoneware with airbrushing after firing to high temperatures. My work is not poured in a mold but is done by hand by a tedious method called “The Press Mold Method.” Every piece I finish I sign and number in a limited edition so that the collectors may know they definitely have a piece of art executed by me the sculptor artist.

Lastly, I accept commission jobs and would be happy to sculpt your loved one. In the meantime, I continue to create the art that I hope will inspire….

Thank you for stopping by! Please visit again soon.

With warm regards,
Daniel Patrick Murphy aka “Murf”

Featured Sculptures

There's a New Sheriff in Town (2021) by Daniel Patrick Murphy - a portrait of President Donald J. Trump
There's a New Sheriff in Town (2021)

Here are two recent sculptures of President Donald J. Trump. One is still “in progress,” and the other one is now complete. Both will be offered as a limited edition. Both are lifesize in scale.

(At left or above) This sculpture is entitled There’s a New Sheriff in Town (2021). This one is shown in its wet clay phase.

(At right or below) This sculpture is called Triumphant Victory (2021). This one is finished and awaits its nameplate.

If you are interested in purchasing sculpture, please contact me.

Triumphant Victory (2021) by Daniel Patrick Murphy - a portrait of President Donald J. Trump
Triumphant Victory (2021)

Selected Artworks

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